Thank-you Letter from Backi-Jarak December 19, 2019

Translated by Sieghart Rein
For several years our Jarek fellow countrymen have had good relations with their former hometown, today’s Backi- Jarak.
It took many years to establish formidable contacts with the political community of Backi-Jarak. During a visit in Jarek in 2007 negotiations finally succeeded. We had the desire to mount a commemorative plaque to the town hall, which recalled the time of the German population of Jarek. After many negotiations that were also very strongly supported by the Bundesverband der Donauschwaben, this desire could be realized.
In 2010, with a large tour group of Jarekers, we were able to mount our commemorative plaque to the town hall during a commemoration together with the present inhabitants of Backi-Jarak. (see: news of 2010)Many Jarekers could visit their former homes and establish contacts with the present inhabitants in amicable social intercourse,
I would like to repeat a brief excerpt from my welcome speech: “This day is a day that shall establish friendships and that shall endure beyond today.This day, however, is also a day that is characterized by good and hard times in the past. But we should not let the past obstruct the view into a peaceable future. “
By invitation of the Bundesverband der Donauschwaben (Federal Association of Danube Swabians), a youth culture and folklore group from Backi- Jarek had visited us in 2012 for the purpose of international understanding. Appearances in Mosbach, in Speyer, in Beuren (sister city of Jarek) and finally at the Danube Festival in Ulm were an unforgettable experience for the young people.
After many years and great efforts by the Bundesverband, a monument was dedicated in 2017 which recalled the people who perished in the Death Camp of Jarek. That has already been reported in detail on our website.(see: news of 2017 )
This monument was constructed with donations of our fellow Danube Swabians.
Due to a request from Goran Jovicic, Municipal Administrator in Backi Jarak, the Bundesverband der Donauschwaben has approved a donation of over 2,000 Euros in the spring of 2019. It is to be used for roofing over the entrance of the school. The appeal for help came because the community didn’t have any money for it.
The roofing has been constructed in the meantime. The children now have an entrance protected from rain and snow.
In a letter Mr. Jovicic thanked for this generous donation in the name of the children and the community.
These thanks are also an expression of our friendly bonds.
Michael Rettinger
Chairman of HOG Jarek
Deputy Chairman of “ Bundesverband der Donauschwaben”